Volunteer – Next Steps

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with A Woman’s Work! You’ve taken the first step to joining our team. We are so grateful for your support. AWW strives to make our volunteer opportunities fun, rewarding, and collaborative.

Now that you’ve submitted the application (whew!), we will be reviewing the information you provided, contacting your references, and reaching out to you soon via email to set up an interview. Provided below is a what to expect for the next steps to joining our volunteer team and some essential documents for you to read and sign. If you have any questions, please contact us at 720.414.9661. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


  1. You’ll receive an email from us to schedule an interview where we’ll get to know you better, discuss your application, and provide suggestions on the volunteer areas that would suit you best.
  2. We will also be contacting your references – please make sure they know we will be reaching out to them.
  3. Prior to your interview – a. Read the A Woman’s Work Volunteer Policy b. Review, Print, and Sign the A Woman’s Work Volunteer Agreement (bring it to your interview or to the orientation)
  4. Upon acceptance to the volunteer program, complete the 60-minute volunteer orientation. You will be provided with the date of the next scheduled orientation in your acceptance email.
  5. Begin volunteering! We ask that our volunteers track their hours and have a simple online form for your use. Complete details will be provided in your acceptance email.